We would like to recommend You accommodation as close as it possible to Synagogue. 

Every of Hotel which we recommend are situated in the area of Jewish quarter (Kazimierz district). They are all within a few minutes walking distance to the Synagogue.  

HOTEL ESTER, KLEZMER-HOIS or HOTEL RUBINSTEIN are situated on the same street as the Remuh Synagogue:

*Hotel Ester, 20 Szeroka Street.


website http://hotel-ester.krakow.pl/en/

Contact: tel: (+48 12) 429 11 88  or email:  [email protected]

*Klezmer Hois, 6 Szeroka Street. 


website http://www.klezmer.pl/eng

Contact: tel: 12 411 12 45 or email: [email protected]

*Hotel Rubinstein, 12 Szeroka Street. 


website http://rubinstein.pl/

Contact: tel: +48 12 384 00 00 or email: [email protected]  

HOTEL EDEN, HOTEL ALEF or HOTEL KAZIMIERZ are all within a few minutes walking distance to the Isaac Synagogue. 

*Hotel Eden, 15 Ciemna Street.


(In Hotel Eden is a ultra Kosher Mikvah for both: Women and Men)

website:  http://www.hoteleden.pl/home.html (There is also website in Hebrew: http://www.hoteleden.pl/home-is.html )

Contact: tel: (+48) 12 430 65 65 or (+48) 606 385 386 or email: [email protected] 

* Hotel Alef, 5 St. Agnieszka Street.  


website:  http://alefhotel.pl/en/

Contact: tel: +48 12 424 31 31 or +48 663 322 299 or email: [email protected]

* Hotel Kazimierz, 16 Miodowa Street. 


Contact: tel: +48 12 421 66 29 or email: [email protected] 

* Green Hostel&Apartments, 1 Krakowska Street. 


website  http://greenhostel.pl/index_en.html

Contact:  tel: +48 516 023 172 or email: [email protected]



We would like to recommend You InPOINT APARTMENTS. Good prices and cosy apartments with discount for guests of Chabad Lubawitch Krakow!


websiete https://inpointcracow.pl/en/ 

Contact: tel: +48 507 026 674 or email: [email protected]

For Discount: write kode CHABAD and pay 20% less!