Clarification: These are the kosher places in the city.
The rest of the restaurants called "Jewish" are not kosher at all.


Chabad house 23 Sw. Sebastiana st.  

You can buy kosher food in our store, including: kosher meat, cheese, milk, sweets, fish and drinks. 

You can also buy kosher bread, challahs, pitas and rolls. If You need fresh bread or fresh challahs on Shabbos, please contact with us - we will order it for You!


*Hachnosat Orchim Krakow - Reb Avraham Zoldan,

  • 12 Kupa Street. apt. 3
  • Open 24/7
  • Phone number: (+48) 690 321 587


*"Falafel Shelanu" restaurant - 
9 Berka Joselewicza Street

Breakfast, Falafel, pizza and more
Under Certification of Rabbi Eliezer Gurary.

Św. Stanisława 10

Kosher Delight  is certified by Rabbi Dov Landau. 
You can order meals for groups and individuals 

For reservation: 


4 Wielopole Street.   

The hotel is not Kosher, but the Hotel serve Kosher meals.
You can eat there or order catering. 

 Groups please call in advance or write an email:

 Under Certification of Rabbi Eliezer Gurary.

24 Miodowa Street. 

Offer Shabbos Meal.
For more information, please call: (+48) 12 370 57 70
or write an email: [email protected] 

 Under Certification of Rabbi mordechai shudrich.