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Kosher Food in Krakow

Kosher Food in Krakow


Kosher Food in Krakow

* Szalom Falafel (Take away Israeli Style), 21 Jakuba St.
Restaurant and catering under the supervision of Rabbi Eliezer Gurary.
Place with unique atmosphere located on the back of the Isaac Synagogue.
Homemade breakfast, delicious falafel, hummus, pizza and more!

For group reservations and special events: +48 508 316 348

* Isaac Synagogue, 18 Kupa Street
You can buy kosher food at the kosher store in the
synagogue. A variety of packaged food and kosher meat is available.
Locally baked bread and challot can be provided as well. We strongly reccommend that a reservation be made in advance for baked goods in order to ensure availability,
Phone: +48 12 430 22 22

* Catering Bernholtz, 44 Miodowa St.
Restaurant and catering excellent quality meat, under the supervision of Rabbi Eliezer Gurary.
You can sit and eat there.
You may also order meals for groups and individuals.
Phone +43676844258888 (in Hebrew)
+48608114682 (in Polish)

* Kosher Delight, 18 Kupa Street 

"Kosher Delight Ltd" Catering & restaurants
Krakow - Kupa 18 St. (Next to Izak synagogue) and sw.Stanislawa 10 St.
Warsaw - Grzybowska 2 St (next to Nozik Synagogue)
Lodz - Pomorska 18 St. (at the Jewish community)
Glat Kosher Under the certificate of "Chug Chatam Sofer, Bney Brak"
Rabbi Dov Lando shlita.
Phones: Polish- 00-48-501-741-703
Israeli- 03-9150725
U.S.A.- 1-718-514-6400

* Catering Rimonim

The highest quality of shabbat meal, meat food for the organised groups and for the individual guests.  
Phone: 00-48-577-692-936
Email address: 

* Hotel Holiday Inn, 4 Wielopole Street
The hotel is not Kosher.
but there are Kosher meals witch comes pocked with a kosher stamp.
The food is under the supervision of Rabbi Eliezer Gurary.
You can eat there or takeout. Groups please call in
advance +48 126190155 or Email

 * JCC - Jewish Community Center
Miodowa 24 street
Phone: +48-12-370-57-70
Email address: 



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